Friday, December 28, 2012

Walkin' in a Frosted Wonderland Double Dog Dare

This month's challenge in I Double Dog Dare You to create is a Frosted Wonderland In the meadow, you can build a snowman, but the only question is will it be a one-dimension, two-dimension, or letting you creativity explode to do 3-d Wonderland... stay warm but we want it frosty . . . do you dare ????

We have a super sponsor this month - The Stamping Chef who has graciously offered 3 digis of the lucky winner's choice.

We have a wonderfully talented group of ladies that have arisen to the challenge for you this month!!!

  1. Lynne Kirsch ~
  2. Miriam Meserve ~
  3. Lucy Kelleher ~
  4. Maria Matter ~
  5.  Lisa Peters ~
  6. Anita Cannon ~
  7. Janet Smith ~
  8. Lisa Woodward~
  9. Crafting Vicky ~
  10. Edwina Brown ~

My project for you is my seasonal clock. I had planned on making a bunch of 3D snowflakes to hang in my living room to turn it into a Frosted Wonderland, but the time slipped away from me. So, I worked on my clock, which needed to be done anyways! I used the Snowflakes 3 file from Bird's Cards. This site was introduced to me by the lovely Lynne from who's blog you have come here (or should have). I used 10mm clear bling in the center of the blue snowflakes, 7mm in the center of the solid white and blue and 5mm in the center of the ones with the diamonds in the center. All the bling and much more is available at my supply shop! I also added some blue Stickles to the outside of the ones with the diamonds.

In case you want to see the one snowflake I did, here it is:

Thanks for stopping by on this wintry day and glad you could sit a spell but I must send you on your way in the frosted wonderland to the lovely Lucy's blog. We hope you enjoyed our challenge and perhaps, you too would love to be "double dog dared". Just leave a comment on Her Craftiness (

Next month, the challenge gauntlet has been thrown with the challenge, My Life is a Song on January 26, 2013. Hope to see you come on back!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Welcome Winter Blog Hop

   Welcome to my take on Welcoming Winter! You should have found your way here from Janet's blog. If not, head over to the beginning at:, you'll definitely want to start there to get details on blog candy!!

     December 21st, the beginning of the beginning. The first day of Winter when the world sleeps for awhile to refresh itself for another cycle. This day means a lot to me. 7 years ago today my daughter was born. I have never been a big fan of the holidays, but now I have one I am truly happy to celebrate. This was the day a couple became a family in my world.

     So, I decided to make a card that honors both Winter and family. It will be my daughter's birthday card.

The polar bears were created by finding a png file on google images and converting it to svg in Inkscape. On the larger bear I used Stampin' Up pastels to darken the underbelly and back of the legs. The stamp is from Stampin' Up and I used Platinum Planet Brilliance ink to stamp it. The pearls and rhinestones are from my own store!

     Now, head on over to Candace's blog to check out her project!

In case you get lost, here is the full line up:

Ashley -
Melissa -
Michele -
Gabrielle -
Tabetha -
Amy E -
Christine -
Crystal - Http://

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Cocoa Blog Hop

Hot cocoa on a cold winter's night will warm us through and through and fill us with delight. That is what we hope this hop will do for you so grab a cup of cocoa and start hopping along.

Jearise from is our hostess and she has a special give away on her blog so make sure you start there to see what she has and how to qualify for the drawing.

Let's get warmed up here...

     I made a snowman out of baby food jars that were left over from my son. I never throw out things like that since I know they will become useful one day, much to the chagrin of my husband. It's not my idea I had seen projects like this done before. I'm sure if you do a google images search you will find quite a few. So, in the top (smallest) jar I placed the hot cocoa mix, in the next one down will be mini marshmallows (as soon as I get some), and in the bottom one Sixlets (cause that's what I had around).
     To get the right color for the jars I used Mod Podge to adhere the inner piece of a napkin (just one layer) to the jars. I also used some American Crafts Spark tinsel glitter that I won from Craft Warehouse mixed in with the glue to give it some sparkle! Then, I used 5mm black pearls for the eyes and mouth and a 7mm red rhinestone for the nose (guess it's an apple instead of a carrot)! The pearls are all from my Facebook Store. The scarf is a piece of ribbon from my stash, the belt some twine I bought from the truly angelic Jill Angel, and a button that used to be my grandmothers. The hat I made using MTC. I just made a donut shape and a long rectangle....

Thank you for hopping and please continue on to...Ashley's Blog!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Calendar Girls December 2012

Welcome to our December Calendar Girls' Blog Hop. Papercrafts Presents 365 Cards magazine which is our inspiration for these monthly hops which thus became the Calendar Girls. The magazine has Creative Ideas for every day of the year: occasions, holidays, and celebrations including 42 unique holidays!!! These unique holidays are our inspiration. The December unique holidays are:

The hop starts with Lucy, . You won't want to miss a single calendar event not to mention the weddings, graduations, birthdays -- ok, you get the idea!!!!

The line-up for December includes:

Lucy -
Jearise -
Lynne -
Edwina -
Miriam -
Janet -
Kimberly -

December Holidays
National Tie Month: Lucy
Spiritual Literacy Month:
1 Earmuff Day: Jearise
5 Bathtub Party Day:
6 St. Nicholas Day: Lynne
7 National Letter Writing Day:  Anita
8 Hanukkah: Lynne
12 Gingerbread House Day: Edwina
14 Monkey Day: Miriam
16 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day: Janet
18 Bake Cookies Day: Lucy
21 Winter Begins: Miriam
21 Humbug Day: Janet
21 Crossword Puzzle Day: Lynne
25 Christmas: Kimberly
26 Boxing Day (Canada):
28 Pledge of Allegiance Day: Kimberly
29 Tick Tock Day: Jearise
 30 Bacon Day: Jearise
31 New Year's Eve: Jearise

Here is my monkey project. I had the half done project of making something with my 1" by 10" cello bag full of peanut butter M&M's. (Bags available at Miriam's Crafting Supplies). I cut the sock monkey out of Stampin' Up paper from the B is for Boy's cart at 3". Then, I added a 10mm pearl to the top of the monkey's hat to try to make her look more Santa like, but I don't think it worked too well. So, I added a hand cut base to make the circle I had cut (at 4") look like a snow globe and added 5mm white rhinestones too simulate snowflakes. My idea for this project is the candy tube can be inside a stocking, and the top can peek out. It's a stocking peeker! If anyone else has come up with this idea before me I'm sorry I didn't give you credit, but I thought of it independently.

For my Winter Begins project I made a diamond fold card. I think that I originally found the directions for this project on Splitcoaststampers, but I'm not 100% sure. I used some paper that I got on a Facebook selling group, so I don't know what company it came from. The tree stamp is from Stampin' Up (a set that has a tree for each season). The owl stamp, and the Happy Owl-idays, is from K. Andrews. The letters are from a Martha Stewart alphabet set. Not sure about the snowflake. The first day of winter is a special day for me since it is the birthday of my oldest child. I think of the solstice as the beginning of the holiday season.
Stop by and check out these holidays as I am sure you are going to want to remember these holidays and include them in your card making projects!!!!!Thanks for stopping by and mark your calendar again next month to see what Holidays to Celebrate on January 12, 2013, for the next Calendar Girls Blog Hop!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Birthday Blessings to Sally Blog Hop

If you are looking for the Turkey Trot hop please scroll down to the next post!

Welcome to Birthday Blessings to Sally blog Hop. Today is Kimberly Pate's mother birthday and it was thought to honor and cherish her mother by having a blog hop. All cards will be mailed to Sally in care of Kimberly.

Birthday's are a blessing especially if it is someone special. God grants blessings by giving us special people to honor. Kimberly Pate is a wonderful loving caring person which I am sure is due to the
wonderful parenting skills of her mother Sally. So, let's see how our wonderful group wishes Sally a happy birthday.

There is a wonderful line-up of birthday wishers:
  1. Kimberly ~
  2. Lynne ~
  3. Lisa ~
  4. Miriam ~
  5. Tami ~
  6. Anita ~
  7. Rachelle~
We have a special sponsor today to help us celebrate. She asks that you remark on everyone's site along with wishing Sally a very special birthday blessing! Then, head on over to visit her Facebook store at:

Just like her page, leave a comment that you came from this hop and you will be entered to win ten sets of half pearls and/or rhinestones of your choice!

If you have arrived from Lisa's blog then you are on the right birthday trail. If you just happened to stop and visit me, I am truly blessed and happy that you have but would love for you to follow the complete hop by starting with of course with Kimberly at

For my birthday project for Sally I have made her a purse. I tried to make a card, but my son ate the pearls that I had put on it, oh what pretty poop there will be in my future! So, I decided to make her a gift instead. I use the Cricut cart Tags, Bags, Boxes and More purse 2 from pg. 118 of the booklet. I cut it at 7" (tried 8" but it was too big to cut). I then glued super tiny, but super strong magnets onto the inside flap and the front of the purse as a closure. (Magnets will be available for purchase soon at Miriam's Crafting Supplies.) I covered the magnets with circles of paper cut with SCAL from the same paper as the purse itself. Then, I added a 10mm and 2 7mm rhinestones from Miriam's Crafting Supplies to jazz up the front a bit! There is a bit of lace as an accent on the back and as a handle.

 Your next stop along the way on our birthday blessings is Tami's blog.

Turkey Trot Hop 11/17

Friday, November 9, 2012

Calendar Girls for November, 2012

Welcome to our November Calendar Girls' Blog Hop. Papercrafts Presents 365 Cards magazine which is our inspiration for these monthly hops which thus became the Calendar Girls. The magazine has Creative Ideas for every day of the year: occasions, holidays, and celebrations including 42 unique holidays!!! These unique holidays are our inspiration. The November unique holidays are:

The hop starts with Kimberly, You won't want to miss a single calendar event not to mention the weddings, graduations, birthdays -- ok, you get the idea!!!!

Lynne will be digging in her goodies for some blog candy for one lucky winner who comments on her stop along the way along with commenting what they are thankful for!!!!!

The line-up for November includes:
Kimberly -
Anita -
Lynne -
Lucy -
Jearise -
Janet -
Miriam -
Edwina -

Stop by and check out these holidays as I am sure you are going to want to remember these holidays and include them in your card making projects!!!!!

November Holidays:
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month: Kimberly
National Diabetes Month:  Anita
National Aviation Month: Lynne
Military Family Appreciation Month: Kimberly
1 National Men Make Dinner Day:
2 Cookie Monster Day: Jearise
10: Marine Corps Birthday:  Anita
10 Sesame Street Birthday: Jearise
11 Veteran's Day: Janet
13 World Kindness Day: Miriam
14 National American Teddy Bear Day: Jearise
16 Button Day: Lynne
18 Mickey Mouse Day: Lucy
19 World Toilet Day: Miriam
21 World Hello Day: Jearise
22 Thanksgiving: Edwina
23 National Native American Heritage Day: Janet

When I think of kindness, I think of hugs. I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find an svg card of arms hugging which wad my initial idea. Since I am not artistically inclined I couldn't make one, but perhaps one of my bloggie friends may be able to come up with something (wink, wink). So, I searched around and ended up finding a very cute file to color instead. I tried to figure out where exactly it came from, but google images just seemed to have the image. The sentiment, "Kindness: You never miss an opportunity to make others feel good," is from Create with TLC.

My other day was World Toilet Day, definitely something to be thankful for. I felt this could easily be made into a friendship card. I created the toilet shaped card by resizing an oval and welding them with a small rectangle in the middle in SCAL. Then, I covered the top and made an open oval for the inside to complete the effect. I made my own sentiment, "I would hold your hair." It's pretty basic, but I felt any embellishments would just be gross... I thought about some swirly blue in the bowl, or some yarn as hair, but I couldn't bring myself to do those.

Thanks for stopping by and mark your calendar again next month to see what Holidays to Celebrate on December 1, 2012 for the next Calendar Girls Blog Hop!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Circles Blog Hop

  • Circles are everywhere, everyday in our life. The earth is a circle itself. Okay, a sphere but close enough. Circles are in our drawings, paintings and all art and this blog hop celebrates the beauty of 360 degrees. Please join our crafters as they show the art of circles.

    Our hostess is Jearise of Lorby's World ( and make sure you start at her blog because she has a special give away going on and all the details are on her blog.

    Please leave comments along the way to show your support for these wonderful crafters and all the hard work they have done putting this hop of circles together.

    I am offering candy of my own today! I have just started selling some fun embellishments and a few other supplies through a page on Facebook, Miriam's Crafting Supplies! Head on over, like my page and leave a comment saying you are coming over from the hop and you will be entered to win 6 sets of your choice of color and size of circular (!) pearls.

    A fad went through the stamping world perhaps two or so months ago to make what are referred to as a triple stamp card. I used this idea to inspire my card for the hop today. I cut a circle card, made by welding two 6 1/4" circles with SCAL. I then cut out two more circles from the background color in 4 1/4" and 2 1/4". Then, I took a patterned wallpaper sample and cut out three concentric circles at 6", 4" and 2".  In order to add more circles, I used pearls (available in my FB store Miriam's Crafting Supplies) in the larger 7 and 10mm sizes. In the middle of the is one 9mm sunflower pearl. The sentiment is from TPC Studios Hot Air Balloon Collage set and is curved to fit a banner, so it worked very well for this project. I added some silk flowers and cut some leaves out using an svg (they were the roundest leaves I could find). I found the svg file

    Thank you for hopping today and please continue on to Lissa's blog.

    Here is the full line up
    Lissa Marie 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Creepy Crawlers Blog Hop

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dessert Blog Hop

If you are looking for Sasha Love's Her Cricut Birthday Blog Hop scroll down!

Dessert: Something sweet (high in calories) that comes at the end of a meal. Today we are serving up dessert all day long and anytime you want it and the best part, sweet surprises with NO calories. Please hop through and see each person's take on dessert and don't forget to give them some blog love! I can guarantee your mouth will be watering at the end of this hop.

Lorby's World ( is our hostess. Please begin at her blog where she is sponsoring a give away to go with this hop. All the details on how to win are on her page. If you came from Tanya's blog you are on the right path.

In an earlier hop I made a piece of a recipe book for beef recipes (it was the Cows vs. Horses hop). I thought this was the perfect opportunity to continue that project and make the dessert piece!

This started it's life as a frozen pizza box which I covered with a piece of wallpaper and then added cuts from the Cricut cartridge From The Kitchen. The dessert oval was cut at 2" and all the others at 1 and 3/4 inches. I left the cherry off the pie because I wanted it to be a crusty pie and not a cream pie. I was proud of my job making it looks like it had lines in the crust. Yummy!

Please continue on to Sandra's blog and thank you for enjoying our tasty desserts.

In case you get lost here is the fill line up:
  1. Jearise -
  2. Tanya -
  3. L. Miriam -
  4. Sandra-
  5. Lynne -
  6. Melissa -
  7. Cicily -
  8. Jamie -
  9. Ashley -
  10. Anita ~

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Sasha!


Welcome to Sasha Loves Her Cricut Birthday Bash Party Blog Hop. Sasha is Lynne's oldest granddaughter at the ripe old age of 7 today. Sasha loves to craft with Grammie Lynne especially with the Cricut! She knows the rules of using the Cricut --- no food eaten or around the Cricut, no touching the Cricut when the blade is cutting and the most important rule - THE CRICUT IS NOT A TOY!!!

Come along and help wish Sasha a very happy birthday!!!! If you just happened to stop by and visit me today, I'm thrilled and glad you follow me but I wouldn't want you to miss any of Sasha's party! Our party starts with Lynne, Her Craftiness, at If you followed the balloons and party streamers you should have been skipping along from .

Lynne is going through her stash and found all kinds of goodies in her recent move that she will make up a party favor bag to one lucky person that comments along the way.

There is a great group of ladies helping to celebrate Sasha's birthday and here is the line-up in case you get lost along the way with the confetti and balloons

  1. Lynne -
  2. Kimberly ~
  3. Lisa ~
  4. Anita~  
  5. Miriam ~
  6. Susan ~
  7. Jearise ~
For my card for Sasha, I have made an A2 card with cuts from the Once Upon a Princess cart. This cart was perfect since it was designed to be used for little girls birthday parties! I made the cake at 4" and used the font function to make a crown with her age, 7, on it. Then, I added stickles to make the cake and the glitter really sparkle!

Of course, no girly card would be complete without lace, pearls and bling, so I added those too! It's hard to tell in the dark picture, but the plain pearls are peach and the bling is purple. 

I hate to have you leave before the cake is served, but have no fear, there will be other goodies along the way - your next stop with the party is Susan's blog and don't forget your party hat!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Calendar girls blog hop for October 2012!

Welcome to our October Calendar Girls' Blog Hop. Papercrafts Presents 365 Cards magazine which is our inspiration for these monthly hops which thus became the Calendar Girls. The magazine has Creative Ideas for every day of the year: occasions, holidays, and celebrations including 42 unique holidays!!! These unique holidays are our inspiration. The
October unique holidays are:

The hop starts with Lynne ~ ( You won't want to miss a single calendar event not to mention the weddings, graduations, birthdays -- ok, you get the idea!!!!

The line-up for October includes:

Lynne ~
Kimberly -
Miriam -
Jearise -
Lisa Peters:

October Holidays:
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Lynne
Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Anita
National Pizza Month:
National Popcorn Popping Month: Lucy
Week 1: Get Organized Week:
Week 2: Fire Prevention Week: Kimberly
1: World Vegetarian Day - Miriam
4: National Golf Day - Kimberly
6: Mad Hatter Day - Jearise
6: World Card Making Day - Lucy
7: Bald and Free Day -
7: World Smile Day - Miriam
8: Canadian Thanksgiving -
8: Columbus Day - Janet
11: Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day - Lisa
16: National Boss Day -
19: National Mammography Day - Lynne
21: Sweetest Day - Lucy
21: Count Your Button Day - Lynne
25: Pink for a Day Day ~Lucy
25: National Pasta Day - Maria Matter
28: National Plush Animal Day - Jearise
30: National Candy Corn Day - Janet
31: Halloween - Lisa

I did projects for World Vegetarian Day and World Smile Day. Apparently I am very worldly this month!

I had to choose World Vegetarian Day because my mother is a vegetarian and I grew up in a household where no meat was allowed. I am now an omnivore, but I do have empathy for those that live that healthy lifestyle. I made a six by six card that portrays some fruits and veggies protesting. I'm not quite sure why they are protesting, but it seemed like a fun image to me! Their signs say, "Peel back the love", "Listen to out a-peel", "Root for fruit", and "More than a truffle".  They were all made using the Create a Critter Cricut cart. The signs were from scraps. 

I'm a child of the 80's, so smiles make me think of that bright yellow face. I found an png file of it on wikipedia and converted it to an svg in Inkscape. Then, I cut it out at six inches. I also made a circular card which I did by welding two six inch circles together in SCAL. I found some shiny black paper in my scraps that was big enough to show through all the negative spaces and, "Voila" a card was born! The sentiment is "Sending a Smile".

I am thinking that I should make a bunch of little faces to hand out to people. If you handed someone a smile, they would have to smile back!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas Blog Hop

Take a ride to Halloweentown as we bring it alive through many creative projects from our awesome line up of crafters/bloggers. If you didn't start with Jearise's blog I would suggest going back there so you don't miss a single amazing project. If you came from Lisa's blog then you are in the right spot!

Our sponsor for this hop is Cutting Cafe, who is giving away three files of the winner's choice. You can get qualified for the drawing, which will be held on October 15th, by leaving comments on each blog. The more blogs you comment on the more chances you have to win so please hop through all our bloggers.

The Cutting Cafe

Now on to Halloweentown... and a quote from Jack Skellington to get you on your way, "Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it!"

For my project I harkened all the way back to the amazingly creative illustrator Edward Gorey, who influenced Tim Burton and helped to make the Nightmare Before Christmas possible! I found this blog that had the illustration from Gorey's Ghastlycrumb Tinies cover. If you have never seen it check out the morbidly hilarious alphabet here. (Warning, do not let small children go to that site with you....)

I printed the illustration directly onto white cardstock and then cut around it into the size I needed for an A2 card. I then added Halloween color ribbon, some 10mm black and brown bling, some lace and a line of clear bling as well. I am hoping that someone can help me to figure out an not too macabre sentiment for this card... Your help would be appreciated!

Thank you for stopping by today and now please continue on to Sandra's blog.

  1. Jearise -
  2. Tee -
  3. Lynne -
  4. Lisa -
  5. Miriam -
  6. Sandra -
  7. CallyAnn -
  8. Jenny ~
  9. Cindy -
  10. Anita - 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sci-Fi Blog Hop (my first hop as host)!

The future: it holds a fascination for us. We sit and look at the stars and wonder what's out there. Many have tried to imagine what it would be like to reach the stars, to see that future. Those people created Science Fiction, a way to immerse ourselves in that imagining. Today we share with you a piece of our visions of this future time. Our hop starts here!

We have a great sponsor today! Scrapping with Lisa Designs will be giving a $20 gift certificate to the winner of our blog candy! To enter leave a comment on each blog, you are not required to become a follower but I'm sure it would be appreciated. Make sure to check out her files at!

I had a ton of ideas in my head for this hop; any excuse for a geeky project works for me! My hubby wanted me to make a scale replica of a borg cube, but I was not up for that challenge... So, I made two cards. At our house we are big Trekkers, not Trekkies (that title is for original series nuts, we like Next Generation, Voyager and such...) So, I had to make a Star Trek card:

The star background is a piece of wallpaper sample that I got from a book of discontinued Sherwinn-Williams wallpaper. The Star Trek image I found a png files which I converted to svg an cut out with Sure Cuts a Lot. I created the circle in the background from the basic shapes that they have already included in the software. The font used on the inside was found here and was a free download of a true type font. SCAL will cut out any true type font! The font is called, "He's dead Jim"! I heat embossed the Star Trek symbol to make it nice and shiny and added glitter to the word bright.

For my other project I made a rocket scene:

The rocket is cut from the Nifty Fifties Cricut cart at 5 1/2". I then curled it and added some fun foam underneath it to make it 3D. The flames are from the Scraptastical Kreations pattern "Backyard BBQ". I stretched out the flames to make them a little higher. I know, technically there is no fire in outer space, but it looks cool, right? The fun glittery orange paper was a present from my friend Jenny whose blog you will visit later in this hop! (Isn't she the best?) For the sentiment I used the negative image from the cutouts I made for the card above! Waste not, want not, right? In order to have a bright future, conserve!

Thanks so much for stopping on your trek through the galaxy. The shuttlecraft is waiting to take you to Ashley's blog.

Here is the full line up in case you get lost on this journey:

1. Miriam ~
2. Ashley -
3. Lucy ~
4. Maria -
5. Cally Ann -
6. Jenny -
7. Jennifer -
8. Lisa -
9. Jearise -

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mermaid and Friends Blog Hop

Welcome to our Mermaid and Friends Blog Hop. Who doesn’t like to step back into their childhood and remember the beautiful things they loved. Our first part was Fairies. We had so much fun, with that hop. Today, we have a lot of women wanting to show off their work. A lot of very talented women! So dive in and come take a swim with us!
Here is our line up:
  1. Pamela ~
  2. Nancy ~
  3. Jennifer ~
  4. Maria ~
  5. Tonya ~
  6. Tahi ~
  7. CallyAnn-
  8. Miriam ~
  9. Jenny~
Of course we have Blog Candy!
No hop would be complete without some amazing candy =) For this hop we have a $25 gift certificate for you to spend at Scrapping Bug Designs! ( She's got loads of very cute and adorable sets you are sure to love. Your total is for regular price, not sale price.

 Here are the rules...
For my project I decided to try out a style of card that I have been meaning to get around to making for awhile. I saw a tutorial awhile back here. I thought that this hop was the perfect excuse to use up the last little bit of blue body wash that had been sitting around not being used! Here is my card:

I had every intention of using a mermaid for this hop, but when I was looking through my paper to find something fun I found this in the Far East stack from DCWV. The koi fish on the paper called out to me and I knew that I had a stamp to match it. I decorated the top with blue lace (to cover up the mistake of my circle going off the edge... oops) and around the edge of the cutout I used a grey resin rose and some blue pearls in 5 and 12mm.

I used a framed circle on the inside of the card, and the stamp determined the size of the circles I made. I had thought of the idea of using the sentiment, "You're KOI and I like that," I even typed it up in SCAL, but then I decided the card did not warrant a punny saying. So, I ended up just leaving it blank.
Thanks for visiting my blog today! Now I must sent you swimming over to Jenny's blog.
Don't forget about the Blog Candy Rules!
Thanks for hopping!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hi! Welcome to the Welcome Fall Hop! I love Fall. The smells, the colors, the cooler weather, baking and the decorating! Something about Fall just makes us feel all warm and cozy!
So sit back and relax and enjoy the wonderful projects my good friends have made!

Start here at my blog!

Oh and have i got some AWESOME BLOG CANDY FOR YOU!

Tammy Smith- Amuse Studios $30 and $20 GC
Kreations by KimberlyRae-Handmade Apron ($30 value)
My Creative Time- It's A Surprise
KaBoodle Bug Designs- Autumn Fairies File
Jaded Blossom- Happy Owloween Stamp(new release!)
Donna Salazar Designs -Paper

So you can see you do not want to miss a thing!
Here is the awesome line-up!

3- Jenny~
7-Pam L.-
8- Candace
9- KimberlyRae
10- Sandra

For my project I made an altered clock. I used the Jack-O-Lantern file found here at Scrapping with Lisa Designs.

I like it a lot, so I plan on making different inserts for each season. Hopefully I'll be posting another pics with Turkeys in it after Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed all of the wonderful projects! Make sure you check back Thurs Sept 27 for the winners! Now head on over to Cindy's blog.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scrapping with Lisa's Design Team Fall Y'All Blog Hop

If you are looking for the Talk Like a Pirate Day hop just scan on down through, it's under this one!

     Welcome to our DT blog hop featuring fall projects! You should have tramped through the leaves from Jearise's blog at:
     As a member of the Design Team for Scrapping with Lisa Designs I get to play with some great files. She has lots of really great fall files including Nuts 4 Fall.  I used that file to make a scrapbook layout that I will be able to use for some great pictures I plan on taking of my kids in the leaves in the next few months.

Here is the whole thing

Squirrel in a tree!

Sorry about the crazy eyes, they caught the flash. I used sequins and bling for the eyes.

Isn't this little guy adorable?

I used fall colored Trendy Twine and buttons on the bottom of each of the K & Company photo mats. I also used some fall colored ric rac to add a few accents. To do the clouds I made my own embossing folder using some clouds I cut out and then I sanded the raised areas to show the white inner core of the paper... Thanks for stopping by! Now, head on over to the hayloft at Anita's to see another project!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Blog Hop

Yohoho mateys and welcome to the Pirate Blog hop in honor of "Talk like a pirate day" today. Captain Lorby ( is head of these here ships and the captain of this ship and ye would be starting ur hopping aboard by vessel. My mateys have worked hard getting their ships in tip top shape for this hop so ye better stop by and see what they have done or someone along the way may make ye walk the plank. So grab ye eye patch and your best bottle of coffee, tea, or water and let's do some pirate hopping and talking.

Our Blog Candy for this event is a digital pirate stamp from Captain Lorby. To be in the drawing for the digital stamp, you must comment on ALL blogs and become a follower of Lorb's World.

You should have come from Lorby's World.

Ahoy matey, here is me project for this hop:

I used a stamp set from K Andrews Designs for the words and the skull. The stamp of the world I do not know the brand of. I got it used from a friend. Then, I added a little ric rac on the bottom for some waves!

On the inside I used my B is for Boys Cricut cart to cut a pirate. He is cut at four inches, thinking that he would fit perfectly in an A2 card. Apparently, that does not include his hat so I had to cut off the bottom of his legs... The sentiment is from the same K Andrews set as the words on the cover.

I thank ye for stopping by me ship and now ye is to journey on to Tee's ship.

In case the waters get you all turned around, here is the full line up:
  1. Jearise -
  2. L. Miriam -
  3. Tee -
  4. Ashley -
  5. Lucy -
  6. Sandra-
  7. Sylvia -
  8. Lynne -
  9. Lisa -
  10. Maria -
  11. CallyAnn-
  12. Jennifer-
  13. Katie ~
  14. Jenny~

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall in Love with Autumn Blog Hop

Welcome everyone to “Fall in love with Autumn” blog hop.

Let me just start with how much I fall means to me. Leave’s turning gorgeous shades of orange, red and brown. The sweet aroma’s of hot cocoa and mulled apple cider coming out of the kitchen. Anything to do with fall fashions, boots, sweaters and pretty scarves! Oh, I can go on and on! Well with that being said I have a treat for all of you today I have a group of talented ladies that can’t wait to share with you their fall wreath that they created for this gorgeous season. We hope to inspire you and “fall in love with autumn”! Enjoy!

There is blog candy given away for this hop. The grand prize is a $20.00 gift card to Michaels or Joanns! You choose! The rules are as follows; you must become a follower of each blog and leave a comment on every stop. Winner will be selected on 9-17-12

If you have strolled over from Lucy's blog then you are in the right place. If you just happened here don't miss out on any of the beautiful projects, go back and start at Lluvia's blog.

For my project I used both an SVG file and a Cricut Cartridge. I started with the Cricut Cartridge Ribbons and Rosettes. I cut 6 sections of the Bird3 rosette found on page 68 at 4 inches. Then, I added some fall leaves from the Nuts 4 Fall file that can be found at Scrapping with Lisa Designs.

That file includes a lot more, cute squirrels, nuts (of course) and a tree! Check it out. I dressed up the leaves by adding some brown with American Craft stamp markers. Then, to give the feeling of a birds nest and add some pizzazz I used the Orange Truffle twine from Trendy Twine and some copper colored ric rac. I am sorry about the quality of the photo. The colors are much more vibrant in real life...

The next pile of leaves for you to jump into can be found at Jillian's blog. Enjoy the cooler weather!